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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

1/9/18 DeMeritt Forest

Twenty two and mostly sunny. Since we had not done a long hike yesterday I decided to try for two in a row. These trails are used primarily by skiers and snowshoers but someone had run a snowmobile through this morning. probably to help the skiers since we had got a couple more inches of snow last night.

Kelley deciding whether to go on or not

The surface was softer than the trail yesterday, so more of a slog for me, but OK for Kelley. This side trail was much softer so we did not use it

As was this one

I did not want Kelley to overdo it so at that point we headed back.

Another pretty day in the woods. Kelley did well again. 


  1. The snow-covered woods are beautiful!

    1. Thank you Linda - we have rain forecast for next two days :(

  2. Great to hear Kelley in on a roll...

    1. Thanks penbayman - she has had her ups and downs. She loves the snow but the depth has made it difficult


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