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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

1/18/18 Snowmobile Trail Along Kenduskeag

Fifteen degrees but sun and no wind. We have had a rough stretch of weather with heavy snow and then three days of rain and back to very cold.

The little stream near the start

No recent snowmobile activity. The old track was firm but the last light snow hid patches of ice and  I neglected to bring my ice grippers. The crust along the sides was firm enough to support Kelley

Kelley always has to see who has been here before us.

The Kenduskeag Stream was very high, Usually large boulders and ledge are visible here.

Heading back

A nice little hike but was glad to get back to the car. Kelley did well after initially not wanting to get out of the car and especially since there was no water she could get to. 


  1. I imagine you're glad to see the river high! I remember those photos from last summer and how low the water was then.

    1. Thanks for looking Cindy. Yes, we had a very dry summer and the weird weather continues


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