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Thursday, October 12, 2017

10/12/17 Fitts Pond and Camp Roosevelt

Sunny and lower 50's. We had nit been here in a long while but I knew there would be water. We park at the end of the Fitts Pond and after Kelley has a swim we hike  either around the pond or up Blackcap Mountain. We have also done hikes on trails within the camp and since those are easier that's what we did today. No scouts here this time of year.

I did not bring a map and we just headed out.  We found the Blue and Gold Trail which I knew lead to a pond and took that. But we ended up losing the trail and wandered around a bit until we found it again and then took it to the pond for another dip for Kelley.This was a very pleasant hike through fairly dense woods.  As I was taking picture of Kelley in the pond my camera battery gave out ( has never happened with this camera before) . OK we will just have pics from first half of the hike.

When we got home I took some pictures of a chile plant and blossoms and after I processed them I formatted the disc, forgetting that the hike pictures were also on the disc. So ....No pictures.

It was a nice hike on a beautiful day and Kelley did well.

Here is Kelley in Fitts Pond four years ago

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