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Monday, August 7, 2017

8/6/17 Harbor Brook

A beautiful sunny day in the lower 70's so we headed for Kelley's favorite

I didn't take a lot of pictures but did get my first damselfly - not the best pic but I was beginning to think I would not get one.

Kelley did very well today. We rarely meet anyone on this trail but today we
met a family and their Lab and that pleased Kelley.

Fungi on end of tree which had been cut

Nice hike on a pretty day - almost an hour and a half - best Kelley has done lately


  1. Cool fungi.
    Just saw on Instagram that the boards on the bogwalk at the Jordan Pond trail are being replaced. 😀👍

    1. Thanks for comment Serafina - we haven't done that hike in a long time because dogs are to be on a leash there.

    2. Ahhh, ok.
      John, where do you find your hiking maps? We have the MAINE ATLAS & GAZETTEER BY
      DELORME somewhere. Did you download yours online?

    3. Some are downloaded from the net and some scanned from larger maps. I can send you an email with some of the sites but the easiest is to just download them from my blog. Left click on the map to make it bigger - then right click on it and save to your desktop. I have a folder with all my maps in it

    4. Ok I'll do that, thanks 😀

    5. Let me know if there are maps you want and can't find - I may be able to

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment Kim- the fungi interest me too but maybe not a lot of others.


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