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Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21/17 Back to the Beaver Pond With the Dogs

 Going to be mid 80's today so off to the pond. I just got dog pictures today and they are not all well focused as I was juggling a leash  and keeping Ollie from jumping on Kelley ( she was not amused by his behavior)

Ollie is still a bit wary but when Kelley goes in he wants to.

He  started playing with the water - splashing it and snapping at it and got a wet face

We did a short walk on the trail and then came back to the pond.

Still did not swim but was quite excited by the water

Time to head back

Both dogs enjoyed the water and I think Ollie will be swimming before long. 


  1. How much longer will Ollie be pestering Kelley?

    1. We only had Ollie for part of the morning - He's very young and doesn't know how to behave yet -Kelley appreciates your concern.

  2. Ollie had a great day. Is happily sleeping after the big day. Great action shots


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