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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

6/6/17 Along the Stillwater River

Mid 50's, clouds and sun, and very windy. Thought to try this little trail we have not been on in a long time. Kelley was not especially enthusiastic but did OK once we got moving.

There were lots of wildflowers but because of the wind I got a lot of blurry pictures along with some that were OK.

First chance to get in the river

All the rain we have had has made things very green and lush

Kelley had a lot of sniffing to do as we hadn't been here in awhile

Another place Kelley can get in the river

and more flowers on the way back

These were very small - about 1/4 inch across

Last chance to get in the river

In spite of the cold wind it turned out to be a peaceful  pleasant hours walk


  1. Love your wildflower pics! Glad to see flowers are blooming in your area too.

    1. Thanks Linda- I was beginning to think we weren't having spring but it burst upon us


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