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Thursday, June 1, 2017

6/1/17 Along the Kenduskeag

We have had lots of rain and have several more days of it forecast. Went over to the Kenduskeag and Kelley reluctantly got out of the car.

The woods are finally filling in and no longer wintry looking.

Not sure how these lilacs got here

Dandelion already gone to seed

We just went a short distance and Kelley let me know she didn't want to go further so that was it for today. Got a little done in the garden before a thunder storm with lots of rain.  Kelley is really unhappy with storms so I was glad we were home.


  1. Spring is forcing itself into the landscape despite the gloomy affects us all, two legged and four legged..

    1. Hi - it has been a dreary spring and more days of rain forecast - i guess better than the drought we had last year


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