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Saturday, October 8, 2016

10/7/16 Moose Ponds - Fall Colors

This is part of Little Moose Public Reserved Lands. Sunny and 60's and we hadn't been here in a long while. It was also sure water.

Start of the trail - Kelley was very enthusiastic and running ahead - she likes variety.

 Slate steps we have just come down- she wouldn't wait for me to get her on the steps.

Big Moose Pond

Kelley in the pond - she doesn't pose so I couldn't get a nice background

Little Moose Pond

In Little Moose

 One more shot of the pond

At this point I thought we ought to turn around for Kelley's sake but she seemed ready to continue so we took the Loop Trail up Little Moose Mt. for the great views of the ponds from there.

However it had been a long time since we had been on this trail and it was not maintained as well as the other trails. There had been some erosion and soon we hit a spot Kelley couldn't get up. We ended up bushwhacking a good ways and through the brush and rocks up to the trail. I still had to help her up several times. Then the actual trail was in much worse condition when last we did it so more helping her up and over.

But then you get the views. This is a pano that needs to be clicked separately for the large size.

Big Moose Pond pano 10-7-16

And a couple more shots from other spots on the trail

Back at Big Moose on the Loop Trail - we were both glad to be back on this nice trail

Just before the end of the hike she found a nice muddy spot

A good hike on a beautiful day in spite of the problems. I had a sore back from lifting Kelley and she slowed down about the 3 hour mark but still seemed happy. 3 1/2 hours ( last time we did this hike it took 3 hours )


  1. Oh my--you have so much color. It's barely started here. It's gorgeous out your way!!!

    1. It is very pretty but this is 70 miles north of Bangor- at home it's just starting here too.

  2. My goodness, just breathtaking views! Great pictures, beautiful colors. :)

    1. Thank you Serafina- my favorite time of year in Maine


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