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Thursday, October 13, 2016

10/12/16 Branch Lake

Fifties and mostly sunny with little wind. Drought here continues so we headed for sure water at Branch Lake.

There were colorful leaves

and a muddy little stream for Kelley

There was also lots to sniff so we started off slowly.

Bog bridges in the usually wet woods

Branch lake with it's rocky shore

 Kelley finds ways through the rocks

Another section of shore

Large fungus - 10 or 12 inches across

Another section of the loop trail

 In some places the leaves were falling with the pine needles

One more muddy spot just before we finished 

A beautiful day and a nice hike. Kelley did well and we had the place to ourselves until we met a couple as we were finishing our hike 1 /34 hours                                                                             


  1. Just what you need a muddy pup to jump into the car! I hear you about the sniffing..our pups always have to check the p-mail at the start of each walk...

    1. Hi- I try to plan for a clean water op near the end but it doesn't always work- They have to use their incredible noses


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