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Thursday, November 4, 2010

11/4/10 Kelley and Friends

Kelley, Bill, and Oscar--Bill and I met on the trail and ended up doing a loop together while the dogs ran loose and had a great time. Neither dog was inclined to pose so Bill had to hold on to them for a picture.

Mary and Kelley in the snow on Penobscot Mountain. Kelley is after a treat.

This man ( I don't remember his name) took a picture of us on Gorham Mtn. and then I took a picture of the couple with Kelley and sent it to them. We were all enjoying a beautiful day.

Kelley and me on the park loop road on a cold day.

Kenai and Kelley playing in the water along the Cutler Coast. There were steps leading down to this beach from a bluff and Kelley was reluctant to take them until Kenai ran up and down them several times to encourage her.

Kelley, Marylou, and Rick on Parkman Mountain. They thought Kelley was pretty nice and she obviously liked them too.

We met Bill and Toni at the start of the trail up Champlain from the south and they ended up hiking with us to the summit and then down the north side to the road . Another good hike with nice people.


  1. I think having a small, lightweight digital camera with you on your hikes is perfect for capturing these memories. Fun for everyone to look at.

  2. Yes- less intrusive than a large camera and a bunch of equipment


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