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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Nice fall weather but I'm still stuck at home. Kelley got to go to Acadia Saturday with Mary . Sunday we wheeled around the neighborhood and then watched football and ate some popcorn--she loves it. Monday and Tuesday she went to the nursing home and today she is over playing with Grace so it's been not too bad for her.

I'm still documenting peppers, freezing them, and saving seeds. I have squeezed in a few more pepper plants in anticipation of coming frost and brought in some more basil.

I also made this Photo Story of some pepper blossoms from over the years. The music is by John Field - Nocturn No 5 by Monica Alianello Pepper Blossoms


  1. The photo story is beautiful. The music by Eric Satie fits perfectly. It took a little while to open in its window in Picasa Webalbum, but was worth the wait.

  2. Thanks, John and also thanks for helping me get it together.


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