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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Still hobbling around with my cast. Kelley has got to spend time over at Grace's house and that has been good for her. Today they are off to the neighbors camp on MDI and will get a chance to run in the woods which will make Kelley really happy. I"m bringing in plants in preparation for winter and continue to document the peppers I have growing, freeze the peppers , and save seeds.

Some of the late flowers

C. parvifolium- a somewhat rare species

Cumari Bolinha, Wild- not sure of the species of this one yet

Ulupica x pubescens- a cross I started experimenting with a few years back.


  1. Nice closeups. Glad to hear from you again; 5 days off had us worried. Happy for Kelley; at least one of you gets to romp.

  2. Hi John! Fantastic pictures! As always!

    Regards from Mats in Stockholm

  3. Hi JohnW
    Thanks for your concern. I'm fine-just not much to write about.

    Hi Mats
    Thanks for nice comments.

  4. After further discussion with Mats about Cumri I searched out others I had grown and realized how different the flowers were. I posted them here


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