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Friday, May 11, 2018

5/10/18 City Forest

Pretty morning so we hedded for the forest and the beaver pond. With a little persuasion Kelley decided to get out of the car and we headed down.

Still kind of wintry looking but there are patches of new green as the trees start to leaf out.

Coming down the hill to the pond

and in

Ferns opening up

We walked a ways past the pond and into the woods until Kelley was ready to turn back.

One more dip before we head up tthe hill

Short but pleasant and Kelley seemed to enjoy it - especailly the water part.


  1. We have ferns starting to open also!

    1. People here collect and eat the "fiddle heads" I don't know if the is the right kind of fern

  2. Every time I see the picture with Kelley coming down the hill to the pond it reminds me of an Andrew Wyeth picture. Off to Malta tomorrow--hope it isn't as crowded as Madeira--some very interesting historical sites. Glad to see you're getting out a little.

    1. Thanks . know the picture you mean. Kelley has not been much interested in hiking but some days she will get out of the car. Have a fun and safe trip.


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