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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2/6/18 Harbor Brook

Been awhile since Kelley has wanted to hike. Twenty three and cloudy this morning but more snow forecast for tomorrow so I decided we would go to one of Kelley's favorite trails, even though a fairly long drive. Had to urge her out of the car but she did well once we were on the trail.

This where Kelley usually gets in the water for first time on this hike - not today.

The trail was really icy - another surprise.

There are a lot of trees down across the stream and beside it.

These were across the trail - Kelley went under them - I had to work my way around.

Though the stream was flowing there was a lot of ice along the banks and Kelley does not like the ice.

We finally found a spot where she could get in the water. After we accomplished that we headed back

A tiny stream across the trail - not deep enough to really lie down.

A treacherous hike but Kelley finally got some exercise. She did better on the icy trails than I did.


  1. Good to see you out--hope you are using the health club benefits you talked about. We have had a lot of cold weather, nothing like you have had this year but back up to above normal and I am glad. Off to the Azores again latter this month.

    1. I was happy to get Kelley moving. I think her age is catching up to her. Plus it's been a hard winter with a lot of ice. This morning I have the drive to clear of several inches of snow.Have fun in the Azores.


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