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Sunday, September 24, 2017

9/23/17 Caribou Bog

Going to get into mid 80's today so we got an early start. Kelley was not enthusiastic so instead of  our usual route through the woods I picked one that was the shortest distance to three pond.

A pretty morning in the woods

First pond

Still a few wildflowers

And a tiny hoverfly

Second pond

There were a bunch of these small frogs ( about 2 inches long) but none would give me a clear shot

Third pond

After that we turned back. Only a little over an hour but she got some exercise and got wet.


  1. Ha! How cool is that frog picture. Mid 80s, isn't that an unusual temperature for this time of year up there? We cooled off nicely but heat came back again and we have been in the 90s! Hating every minute of it. Supposed to cool off again Thursday. Let's hope this is the last hurrah of Summer.

    1. Hi Serafina- yes, unusual heat - right now it's 88 degrees and we have two more days of it forecast- We usually get first frost in Sept. I am ready for real fall


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