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Monday, March 21, 2011

3/20/11 Carriage Roads

A beautiful day . After yesterday's adventure we decided to stick to the carriage roads. Packed snow, small sections of easily avoided ice, and some strips of bare ground along the sides made for good walking. Kelley was glad to be out and did a lot of running up and back and exploring along the sides. The roads are pretty much not usable by skiers and bikers so we had them to ourselves until the very end when we met a couple and a small family with a large dog. The dog was friendly but it took Kelley a few seconds ( she usually rushes right in) to assess his size and decide he was OK.

A nice hike 3-1/4 hours

More ice


  1. Has Kelley ever met a dog that she really had a problem with?

  2. Hi John

    We have met mean dogs a few times. Kelley used to think every dog (and person) was her friend but has learned that this is not true. When she meets a friendly dog-like Jack-she gets very excited and is a joy to watch.


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