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Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/27/11 More Snow

Night before last we got eight or nine inches of new snow. Yesterday after clearing two driveways we just did a couple of walks around the neighborhood. This morning we did a couple of hours of the local snowmobile trails. Though I have had enough snow it is still beautiful, especially this little piece through the woods.


  1. Yup...I agree..we took our pups snow shoeing yesterday and kept very close to the snowmobile trails..but it sure was pretty out there..I am however looking forward to green!

  2. And we are getting more today-ice that is.

  3. Are those snowmobile tracks? or a 4 wheel drive? The filtered sunlight is very nice light.

  4. Snowmobile. Most trails do not allow any other kind of motorized vehicle- the sleds don't appear to cause the damage others cause.


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