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Monday, October 26, 2009

10/26/09 -Tumbledown Mtn. Attempt

We tried to do Tumbledown Mtn. today--it was another glorious day. We started on the Brook Trail which one of my books said was the easiest and "more appropriate for children and casual hikers" thinking it would be better for Kelley. The trail was beautiful with woods and the water streaming down the mountain but then very large boulders. Kelley was able to find a way around a couple of these tough spots-even crossing a stream, traveling the other side and then recrossing- but eventually neither of us could find a way around. We also went up the road and did a half hour of the loop trail but it also got very steep and looked like more of the same was coming so we had lunch and returned.

Brook Trail before we got into the big boulders

Looking down the Loop Traill


  1. Its so easy to get a little disoriented on Tumbledown. Trail volunteers changed the trail a little this year but it seems well marked now, perhaps a little easier, too.

    If you ever want to re-attempt let us know! We hike it often! SmallWorldTreks(dot)net will find us. You came so close, you may be glad you attempted again. And there is a geocache or two up there :)


  2. Hi Bethany

    Thanks for your comments. We will accept your offer once the snowy season is past. We were using an old guide book and you seem to have a better knowledge. It really is a pretty area.


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