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Monday, November 30, 2015

11/30/15 Baker Hill - Long Ledges

Even colder this morning - 12 degrees when we got up and about 20 when we started out- never did get out of the 20's.  But beautiful sunshine and no wind. A friend accompanied us and as usually happens there was talking instead of picture taking.

Views from the ledges on Baker Hill

Kelley knows  a spot before we get to the end of the pond where she can get into the water. We took that little detour but the ice was too thick for her. When we reached the end of the pond the water was not frozen but there were trees that had floated in and made it difficult for her to get far into the pond.

The pond

Kelley is hoping Mary has a treat in her pocket

The woods were pretty in the sun and Kelley did well. We enjoyed the hike too - and didn't hear any shots - last day of deer season. 1  3/4 hours

11/29/15 Essex Woods

Another cold morning. We just went to Essex woods and wandered around a bit. No map because I could not trace our route. We have a new map and there are some new trail signs but the map has no trail names on it and there are trails not on the map.

There was , however, lots to sniff

and some water

The old rail bed is looking kind of wintry

A short outing but Kelley met some friendly people and wa able to get wet. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

11/28/15 City Forest

Weird weather continues as we are back in the 30's today. It's also gray and windy - a day to just go to the forest to get a bit of exercise.

And a bit is all we got. Kelley was only interested in the beaver pond.

 I even tried a side trail we don't usually do but she wan't interested in that either so we headed for home.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

11/27/15 Eliot Mt. / Harbor Brook

Weird weather continues. We had days in the 30's and today was in the mid 50's. We started from the trailhead on Rte. 3 and headed up the mountain.

Starting to look wintery

The trail had lots of wet spots and there was also lots of water along the trail

The summit is wooded and has no views but there is a small view of the ocean  from a ledge near the top.

The trail down to the brook - a very old cairn

There had been some maintenance on this trail which meant no work arounds for Kelley and she was very happy when we reached the brook.

Here you can see that the trail is mostly right next to the stream

A nice hike. Kelley was happy that we met a group of people on the Eliot Mt. Trail and then two women with a dog on the trail down to the brook- we rarely meet anyone on these trails. She did very well today, energetic and enthusiastic.
1  1/2 hours 

Friday, November 27, 2015

11/26/15 Neighborhood

It's been cold and dreary. Yesterday we walked around town for an hour - Kelley's choice of route - and I didn't take any pictures. Today I had an invitation for Thanksgiving so we just walked around the neighborhood. I only  took a few pictures.

Tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer and we will do a regular hike. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

11/24/15 Newman Hill-Hinds

Sunny but cold ( mid 20's) and windy.

The small pond had thin ice on it and Kelley doesn't like that and so passed. We didn't find ice free water until the beaver pond ( near the shore).

Pine Pond also had ice and there wasn't enough snow to provide a good background for the pictures I end up with in winter, so today it was ice.

Two crops of this one

Not bad once we got moving. Kelley was disappointed in the lack of water opportunities. We are both having to accept that winter is here. 1  1/4 hours 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

11/23/15 City Forest

Rained much of yesterday and last night and then it turned to snow - our first this winter ( only a couple of inches) . Kelley gets excited when there is fresh snow and wouldn't leave me alone until we went for a walk around the neighborhood. 6:30, gray, and cold.

Looking down the drive and Kelley in the yard.

Back in the house for awhile to let it warm up a bit and then we headed for the forest.

Still a cold gray day but Kelley thought the snow was great as we headed down to the pond and trails

Though not a lot of snow the woods were still pretty

We apparently got a lot of rain before the snow as there was water everywhere.

The old rail bed

Not bad considering the weather. We met a new dog and then encountered a couple and their dog we see regularly and walked with them for awhile. Kelley was pleased with this and also did well overall - I did ok except for wet feet. 1  1/4 hours 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

11/21/15 Little Long Pond

Cold ( 40 degrees) , cloudy, and windy. Perfect day for one of Kelley's favorites.

Pano of the pond - please click for larger version

Little Long Pond  11-21-15

and into the pond

a little further along

Back into the woods - West Side Trail

Jordan Stream

A bridge that's been iffy in the past has really deteriorated and Kelley refused to cross it. I was also afraid I would slide off it's slippery surface.

I ended up going back down my side of the stream, with Kelley following on the other, until we found a place she could cross.

Back on the trail

At the cobblestone bridge we climbed up to the carriage road to head down the east side. I found a surviving plant.

The north end of the pond

  Looking across a little farther along.

Some berries and some leaves

Last time before we head home.

A nice hike on a dreary day. We only met a few people, which had to disappoint Kelley. She did well on this hike.  2  hours