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Sunday, July 30, 2017

7/28/17 Little Long Pond

Beautiful day - sunny and mid 70's. This has been one of Kelley's favorite hikes so that's where we headed. No place to park where we usually start so we went to the parking lot for the Friendship Path. This would make our hike a bit longer but I was optimistic.

Obligatory shot of the pond

Lots of lily pads but not a lot of flowers yet

Kelley was fine with that

Overexposed several flowers but got one

View of the pond further along the trail

Jordan stream where we took the trail across to the carriage road. Kelley seemed to be getting tired and less enthusiastic

Blueberries are ripening

Some insects

 and flowers

Back to where we started and last chance to get in the water

The path back to the parking lot rises on several sets of stone steps and Kelley was having trouble with them. She was really glad to get back to the car. The hike was longer than planned, 2 1/2 hours, and I was sorry I had made her go that long. After laying around the yard for the rest of the day and a good nights sleep she was fine the next day.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

7/26/17 Sears Island

Kelley has not been very interested in hiking so looking for something to tempt her. The tides were right so we headed to Searsport

First water was a stream that runs from the interior of the island.

   As we started down the shore she sat and did not want to continue. We both needed the exercise so I continued and she eventually got up and followed.


Once we got to the woods section of the hike she perked up and even took the lead.

There were lots of lush ferns

and some wildflowers

The west side of the island and into the ocean

A pleasant day and once Kelley decided to do it a nice hike of almost an hour and a half. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

7/22/17 Harbor Brook

I'm a little behind and will blame it on garden work. Because Kelley has been so uninterested in hiking or even walking we came here - she always seems ready to hike this trail - many opportunities to get in the water.

First chance

Going across the new bridge - she seems to look a little bow legged but I didn't take many pictures so here it is.

Few wildflowers on this trail - I think the dense woods keeps out the light -  there were a bunch of these in small spots open to sun

Another place to get in the water shows some of the many trees that have fallen across the stream.

We had a pleasant hour and a quarter hike but that's all she wanted today.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

7/21/17 Beaver Pond

We have had several days in the upper 80's ( supposed to be better starting tomorrow) so we have just gone nearby where Kelley can get in the water. Today we only walked as far as the pond - Kelley got wet and I got a couple of pictures.

Tomorrow will try Harbor Brook

Friday, July 21, 2017

7/20/17 Kenduskeag Stream Trail

87 degrees the last two days and neither of us was excited about hiking so to  the nearby Kenduskeag Stream

The water was quite low.

But there was enough for my girl to get wet

while I found things along the shore to photograph

We walked a short ways along the shore - another view of the stream

and back into the water

We didn't get much exercise but Kelley got wet and we stretched our legs 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

7/19/17 Back to the Beaver Pond at City Forest

Very hot here so headed where there was water for Kelley and things around the pond for me. Bunch of pictures and little to say.

Kelley was not interested in hiking so we only walked a short distance. OK with me. Hot again today.