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Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/28/11 Marsh Island Natural Area

Gray day with possible rain so we stayed close to home. We parked at the end of Penobscot St. and started on the river trail but it was in worse condition than on our last visit and difficult for Kelley so we turned back. There was a pond though that gave Kelley a chance for a nice swim

and me a nice reflection.

We then took the inland trail which eventually swings over to the river and walked south to another pond and then a bit further until it again became difficult. We walked back and followed the river north for a ways and then turned back again. As we neared the trail back Kelley started to run ahead, perhaps think about that pond. We walked back to the pond for another swim before heading back to the start of our hike.

A few of the things we saw

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/27/11 Bog Brook

Yet another beautiful day-much like yesterday. Was going to give Kelley the day off but it was too nice and several days rain predicted for later in the week. We started from the new parking lot on Halldale Road. taking the Whitten Hill Trail down to the Bog Brook Loop which we did, adding the Big Pine Trail. We returned on the Whitten Hill but continued on to the Northern Headwaters Trail and walked that to the Hemlock Hollow Trail before turning back and returning to the parking area. Many of the streams had little or no water but Kelley managed to find enough water to keep her happy. She seemed to enjoy this hike. It was very pleasant for me too. 2 1/2 hours

One side makes you larger....

Monday, September 26, 2011

9/26/11 Breakneck Road

Beautiful day- sunny and 70's. We started at the Hulls Cove end and walked the Breakneck to Rte 233 with a couple of small detours to explore small trails that seemed to just peter out.

While Kelley was enjoying the water ( not very deep) in the brook I found this leaf among the rocks.

I had to include this fungus which appears to have a dog pictured on it.

Kelley was very happy when we reached Breakneck ponds because , as she said, "this water is deep enough to swim rather than just wade". Which she proceeded to do in both ponds.

A very pleasant hike of 2 hours. This truck was near where we parked. It seems to have had some changes made to it and as it was in front of a sculpture garden perhaps it's art.

9/25/11 University Forest

Warm and humid day with a foggy start and we went to the University Forest for a 2 hour walk. As in the past we had difficulty with the maps and trail markers and the route marked is approximate. I should say I had difficulty with the maps as Kelley has no problem with just wandering.

Most of the trees are still green but there are starting to be bursts of color.

Some of the other things we saw

We ended up on a section of the bike path at the end.

There were more runners and walkers on the trails than we have ever seen before and Kelley was happy to greet them all. We also encountered several dogs and this made her even more happy than the people.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

For Doreen and Don

I met Doreen and Don on the trails at Acadia and we talked about some of the abandoned trails, including the Potholes. I gave them the address of my blog and as a way to find the map. Unfortunately that is one of the posts that has lost it's pictures. Here is the map I hoped they would find

Friday, September 23, 2011

9/23/11 Walden Parke

Another rainy day ( on and off) so we headed to Walden for an hour and a half ( only 4 miles from home). Kelley was glad to be out after spending yesterday laying about the house looking bored. At the start of the hike she was really needing to give everything a good sniff so we started off slowly. These are some of the things we saw.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

9/21/11 Little Long Pond

A beautiful day to hike-sun and 60's at Little long Pond

Keely loves this hike and was immediately into the pond

There are still frogs active

More odd fungus

A pool along the Jordan Stream Trail

This time after taking the trail on the west side of the pond and the Jordan Stream Trail to the carriage road, we came back down the east side of the pond

A very nice hike. We met Keira, one of Kelley's dog friends , a nice couple and their two dogs, and then at the pond another Lab. Water, people, and other dogs- some of Kelley's favorite things - 2 1/2 hours

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9/20/11 Sunkhaze Redux

Rain predicted and I think Kelley ready for an easy day anyway so we go back to Sunkhaze. I will try to re-shoot a couple of leaves.

The plan was to take the North Buzzy Brook Trail to the loop trail and that to South Buzzy Brook and back to the road. After the turnoff to the South Buzzy Brook there were no more signs. We tried several trails and ended up back at the brook where we were the other day. not sure how we got there but we took that trail back to the start. Not a bad two hour hike and the rain held off until just after we got to the car.

Another odd fungus. I don't think I have ever seen so many varieties as I have this year.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tunk Mountain from Myrick Pond Rd.

This was our first time to do Tunk from this trail which we were told was easier than the trail from Hidden Ponds and it was. This trail was not as steep and had easier footing ( the other has a section where there are ropes to help pull yourself over the ledge)and there was only one spot where Kelley needed a boost ( and she hates that) . The difficulty with this trail was finding it. We drove up Myric Pond Road for 4 miles without finding the trailhead and had given up and were heading for the highway to do a different hike when we met some people on ATVs who gave us directions that were correct. Before you get to the actual trail you have to park and walk up this road for about 15 minutes.

Once we reached the open ridge there were very nice views.

This marker seemed to be at the high point and we think it may mark the summit ( there are no signs)

Another strange fungus

I think this is a Turkey Vulture. It came down very close to check us out ( Kelley for lunch ? ) but by the time I changed lenses it had risen into this beautiful sky.

End of the hike-"but I don't want to get in the car"