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Sunday, April 30, 2017

4/30/17 Piney Knoll - formerly Marsh Island

A day without rain. Mid 40's and sunny. Still trying to get Kelley's meds right- cutting back because I thought maybe she was sedated did not work so upped a little today. Once I got her out of the car she did well but slowed down for the end of the hike.

Wasn't a lot to photograph today and I messed up several of those I did take.  But there were touches of green in the tree tops -

and Kelley quickly found some muddy water to get into

When we got to the Penobscot we found it higher than previously seen, overflowing the bank in places. Kelley stayed close

She was more comfortable with the little stream

First insect of the year

There were lots of small pools of water for Kelley

A pleasant outing with the sun and comfortable temps and we got an hour and a half exercise. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

4/27/17 Essex Woods

Rain all day yesterday which kept us out of the woods. Gray today with more rain possible and  for the next few days. Nearby Essex woods was a chance to at least stretch our legs.

Still looking for signs of spring and found some tree buds,

Kelley and Cooper heading down the old rail bed

and, of course, Kelley found water

This old tree seemed to fit the mood of the day

This lichen provided a little color

  and then - first flower of the year - Coltsfoot

Kelley was not enthusiastic but Cooper seemed to enjoy the outing . I was also not enthusiastic and so a little under an hour was enough. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

4/25/17 Glenburn Trails

Fifty and sunny but supposed to cloud up and rain ( and for next couple of days) so we wanted something close. Had not done this section except when it was snow packed.

Was quite different today

What it usually looks like

 Soon the trail became very wet - OK with Kelley but not for me or Cooper

We went back and crossed the road to take the trail in the other direction. There are a couple of meadows before you get into the woods.

but there was water along the edge

Finally some woods to explore without wet feet.

They were both interested in whatever had passed here.

Hard to believe but still some ice.

At this point we turned back. Kelley was slower today ( we have  been going alternate days and she may have been a little tired) but Cooper was energetic and showed no signs of tiredness . Still, we got in a good hour hike. ( We did get light rain in the afternoon) 

Monday, April 24, 2017

4/24/17 DeMeritt Forest

55 and sunny - a nice day for a hike. We still have  Conner with us and I don't know if she has been here before. Had trouble with the camera so messed up a bunch of shots.

Hard to believe but a bit of ice on the Logan Rd.

The small stream was clear but I had to move some windfalls so Kelley could get to it

There was water everywhere and Kelley took advantage. Cooper is not interested in the water.

I only got them together by anchoring Cooper's leash to a stump.

More water - this time with a bit of ice.

 After our loop through the woods we went across the road to check out the Stillwater River. Kelley was into the small cove before we could actually reach the river. Cooper was interested in exploring the shore but not the water.

Water in the river was quite high.

So instead of getting in at her usual spot she chose an unphotogenic spot.

Then it was back to the car. Cooper did very well and seemed to enjoy our outing.  Kelley was not as energetic has she was yesterday but perked up for the water. Still a pleasant hike with the woods to ourselves. 1 1/4 hours 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

4/23/17 Along the Kenduskeag Stream

Forty five and cloudy but better than the colder rainy days we've had. I am dog sitting with a friends dog which I keep on a leash out of caution ( leash has been cloned out of pics) . Cooper is much smaller than Kelley and not as interested in water as she is.

The small stream at the start is ice free but still no signs of spring.

Neither dog takes direction so it's difficult to get them in the same picture

Kelley, of course, found some very muddy water to get into.

The Kenduskeag is also finally ice free

Heading back.

Both dogs did well - Kelley showed more enthusiasm than she has in some time. We did only did one hour in deference to Cooper's short legs. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

4/17/17 Perch Pond

Cloudy and 45 degrees. Kelley was not into it and lagged behind until we got to the small pond which was. at least. no longer frozen.

After her dip she sat and did not want to go farther so we headed back. We had left the parking area on the old woods road but returned on the trail through the woods where Kelley found water in a small stream.

Once we were headed back she took the lead. There were still sections with snow.

Not our best or most interesting hike but we got an hours exercise and Kelley got wet.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

4/15/17 Newman Hill

Fifties and sunny. Kelley was not enthusiastic this morning but I did get her to the trails and out of the car.  She did better once we got moving and I knew she would like all the water here.

The trails were mostly clear but there were still some patches of snow.

The beaver pond looked kind of stark and wintry still

There were a bunch of limbs and branches at the end of the pond which made it difficult for Kelley to get in and out but she managed.

Pine Pond was also wintry looking but we met a man and his dog and that made Kelley happy.

A pleasant hike but Kelley moved slower than usual. We did get an hour and a half's exercise and that was good.