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Monday, August 28, 2017

8/27/17 Caribou Bog

Another lovely sunny morning with temperatures in the 60's

The ponds  here are also low and here Kelley is stirring up the mud.

   Few pictures today - a cute fungus and a clover

My girl back in the water

We did a little over an hour and Kelley seemed to do well but when we got home she stayed in the car the rest of the day and was slow to come in for supper. Tomorrow will be a day off and then we shall see.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

8/25/17 City Forest

Nice sunny morning day with temps in the upper 60's . Since we did a descent hike yesterday I wanted something easy for Kelley and she loves the beaver pond. I have been having trouble with macro focus so I concentrated on that and also pics of Kelley - did OK with Kelley and better with most of  the macros.

Across the meadow and back to the car.                                                                     

Kelley wasn't interested in walking so we didn't go far beyond the pond but we stretched our legs and she got wet.

Friday, August 25, 2017

8/24/17 Perch Pond

Beautiful morning for a hike - sunny and mid 60's. Hadn't been here in awhile because last time there were so many deer flies we didn't get out of the car - only saw one today.

Bog bridges first part of South Trail

No wind so a glassy surface on the pond

Kelley found a small opening to get in the water

While she enjoyed the water I talked with a biker about the trails and learned about a trail we had not  known went through to the road. We took that trail back.

It turned out to be very pleasant and I found these tiny wildflowers- less than a half inch across

Turned out to be a pleasant hour and a half and Kelley did well. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

8/22/17 Harbor Brook

Forecast is for mid 80's here and mid 70's for the park so we headed there. A pretty day without bugs but it was 83 degrees by the time we finished. Few flowers on this shady trail so just pictures of Kelley enjoying the water and some fungi.

One of the new bridges

We met a couple coming in as we were coming out and then three people with a dog in the parking area - unusual as we usually meet no one. Kelley did well today on this hour and a half hike.  I think all the water helps.

Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21/17 Back to the Beaver Pond With the Dogs

 Going to be mid 80's today so off to the pond. I just got dog pictures today and they are not all well focused as I was juggling a leash  and keeping Ollie from jumping on Kelley ( she was not amused by his behavior)

Ollie is still a bit wary but when Kelley goes in he wants to.

He  started playing with the water - splashing it and snapping at it and got a wet face

We did a short walk on the trail and then came back to the pond.

Still did not swim but was quite excited by the water

Time to head back

Both dogs enjoyed the water and I think Ollie will be swimming before long. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

8/18/17 City Forest With Friends

Cloudy morning with rain forecast . Friend has a new pup and we wanted to try the dogs out together.

We started from the end of Kirkland to go down to the beaver pond .

Kelley, of course, went right into the water

Ollie has not been in water yet. He was very interested but cautious.

Mary had an appointment and the dogs seemed to be doing OK together so she left and we proceeded to the West Trail.

Loosestrife may be an invasive but still pretty

Tried to get a picture of the dogs together on the trail but they would not cooperate so here is Ollie

A short walk on the trail and we headed back to the pond. Ollie not yet ready to get in the water.

But a drink was OK

Thursday, August 17, 2017

8/16/17 Partridge Pond

Hadn't been here in awhile so gave it a try. Nice morning with temps in the 70's and very few bugs. Kelley was more motivated than usual and took the lead at the start.

Things to come

   All the small streams on the way to the pond were dry and this is the only water she found on the way

The good stuff

We rarely see anyone on this hike but today a couple had lugged an inflatable boat to the pond .

We had our apple snack and then back in the water before we head back

Blueberries are ripening

This worked out fairly well. Though enthusiastic at the start , Kelley slowed down later - still a nice little hike - a little over an hour and a half. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

8/14/17 Mariaville Falls

We started out for Harbor Brook ( at Acadia) even though I was not looking forward to the drive. As we neared Ellsworth  (about half way time wise) I saw a road that I thought went to Mariaville Falls. We hadn't been there in some tome and never from this direction but it would be a shorter drive and a change... Turned out I was wrong about the road and after stopping for directions we finally found the preserve.

As elsewhere, the water in the river was low

Not a lot of water

A bit more

The falls are of the step variety and not at all impressive with the low water.

A wildflower I had not seen before

A little more water where the river takes a bend

Another view of the river looking south

One last dip before the car

A pleasant small hike - a little over an hour - and Kelley did well except for one set of steps where she had to be helped. They have done a lot of work on the trail and it is easier to walk except for Kelley,  those steps. She first tried to find a way around but couldn't and had to accept my help.