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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31/11 Kenduskeag Stream Trail

Kelley is still having a bit of trouble so we did another easy walk. This path starts a short distance from home and follows the Kenduskeag along a very narrow park and into downtown Bangor. It's very pleasant and Kelley enjoys the opportunity to get into the water and to greet people we meet along the way. It took us a little less than an hour and a half.

Today there were lots of wildflowers, including this Buttercup

And some I don't know

We found this Alium in a garden near the end of our walk

And one more shot of the stream.

Monday, May 30, 2011

5/29/11 Orono

Gray day but at least not raining. Back to Orono Land Trust property in Orono but starting from a different point. We had a map that showed a trail going from a neighborhood, through woods,crossing a road, and connecting with the trails at U. Maine. The first part of the hike was very wet-almost swamp like-and I almost turned back.But trail conditions improved even though the trail marking did not-tiny sometimes illegible signs or no signs at all at intersections. We enjoyed following the various trails and thought we were not on the trail we had meant to take. When we came to the railroad tracks I realized we were back where we had been on our last hike in this area and continued on to the river and followed that back to where we had started. Kelley had great fun exploring and getting in all the water.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

5/28/11 Downtown Bangor

Another gray rainy day found us walking around town. I let Kelley choose the route so we were on familiar and unfamiliar streets. She was very interested in exploring, mostly with her nose, and seems to be feeling better. We met nice people but no other dogs.

We have passed this fence before and I found it interesting but with buildings, trees, and other clutter it's hard to isolate. Here is my first attempt

The Kenduskeag Stream starts about 25 miles from Bangor and is a normal stream until it enters downtown where it runs between walls and buildings.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5/24/11 Downtown

Another day of clouds and drizzle so we walked around downtown where, at least, it wasn't muddy. Kelley likes all of the odors she can check out and there are always friendly people for her to greet and,today,another dog. Late in the day we got our first sun in many days and tomorrow is predicted to be better.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

5/21/11 U. Maine

Gray rainy days continue but we took advantage of a break in the rain to walk around the campus at U. Maine in Orono. We found lots of flowers.

And even some deer-they were a bit distant for my camera but took a picture anyway.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

5/13/11 Sears Island

We were going to have this as an off day but it was a nice day ( two in a row) and rain is predicted for the next several days so we went to Sears Island. When we arrived the tide was in so we couldn't walk the shore (our plan) and did an inland walk instead.

We started up the paved road ( closed to cars) and followed it beyond the paved section to the jetty . There is finally lots of new growth.

Including these tent caterpillars

On the way back we took the Homestead Trail which took us to the shore and the tide was out enough that we could explore the shore for awhile. Kelley was excited by all the smells and the occasional tidbit to eat and the chance to get in the ocean.

A nice hike on a pretty day. 2-1/4 hours

Friday, May 13, 2011

5/12/11 Hunters Brook

Kelley seems to be doing better so we decided to try an Acadia hike. Hunters Brook is one of Kelley's favorites because mostly it runs right next to the brook and she gets all the water time she wants. It's also mostly flat so not a strenuous hike. We Parked on Rte 3 where it crosses the park loop road and walked down to it and then the short distance to the trail head. Once you turn away from the brook the trail starts a gradual climb, crosses a carriage road and then climbs to the Triad. We went only part way up toward the Triad and then turned back and returned the way we came. A very nice hike. 2 hours

Hunters Brook

A colorful fungus

A fallen tree that we sat on while we ate our lunch

Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/7/11 Walden

We had been here a few weeks ago and were shocked when we pulled into the parking spot at the trail start. Before you would be looking only at woods

More clearing along start of trail

It seems that this had long been planned for this part of the park and I was just not aware of the plans.

Kelley helped make this picture. I was planning a different shot until, as I prepared to shoot, she jumped into the water.

We had a nice hike once we got past the clearing operation and Kelley met a friendly dog she got to play with for a bit.

5/6/11 Bangor Forest

Still doing shorter hikes for Kelley's sake. Today we did about an hour and a quarter at Bangor Forest. Kelley was happy to be in the woods and there was lots of water for her to get into.

After the hike Kelley seemed fine and exhibited no signs of discomfort.

Monday, May 2, 2011

5/1/11 Dorr Mtn. via Canon Brook and Dorr S. Ridge

Another nice day though a bit cooler. We started at the trail head on Rte. 3 and took Canon Brook to the Dorr S. Ridge Trail and that to the summit. We returned the way we had come except for a small detour a little further on Canon Brook to a lunch spot we like. Along the way we met a couple with two Labs and a woman with a very large Shepherd mix which made Kelley happy.

A nice day and a nice hike-3 hours.