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Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/31/13 Dorr Mountain

A beautiful sunny day. We wanted to get in a good hike today because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Trail conditions are still uncertain so we picked the Canon Brook area with it's several possibilities. We started from Rte. 3 at the Ladder Trail Head but quickly turned onto what is now called the Kane Path  ( many trail names differ from those on maps as they return trials to their historic names) .

Kelley quickly found water

You can see beaver work behind her and they have been very busy

The Kane Path becomes the Canon Brook Trail and we were pleased to find it clear.

I thought if the Dorr S. Ridge Trail looked OK we would see how far up it we could get and failing that do the Dorr Extension ( not on the map) and part of  A. Murray Young. I knew the Canon Brook would be OK to there.

The first part of the Dorr was clear

looking back down the trail

We continued to climb and Kelley seemed to be having more difficulty than usual-  more trouble finding work arounds and needing a boost a couple of times. I decided to turn back as we still had a good ways to the summit but Kelley wanted to go on so we continued. As we got higher we hit patches of snow but only one small piece of ice so the trail conditions were good. Kelley seemed to no longer be having difficulty.

Kelley really likes views and will turn off the trail to ledges with views and as we near a summit will almost always race ahead of me to be there first.

Here is where she is looking.

The foremost island is Bar Island and part of the park. At low tide you can walk a gravel bar out to it and walk it's trails.

Another view from the summit

Kelley found a cool spot to rest while I took pictures

After sharing an apple we headed back down. Kelley managed all of it with no help from me and seemed her usual happy self.. On the hike we met several nice people and two dogs which also  made Kelley happy. I hiked most of it in shirt sleeves and saw a butterfly- couldn't get close enough to photograph or identify. A very nice hike  3  1/4 hours

3/30/13 Walden and City Forest

A nice day but I did not feel like a long drive so we just drove over to the parking area for Walden ( 3 or 4 miles) . We followed the loop trail to the old rail bed and were surprised at how much snow had survived our warm days.

The rail bed we took to the unnamed trail was mostly clear but the small trail we took to the West Trail in the forest , again, had lots of snow. The West Trail had the worst footing as it contained many icy patches to work around. We took the West  back to the rail bed and that back to the Loop trail and to our start. We met several people for Kelley to greet but no dogs, which was unusual. She was happy to be in the woods and found several places to get in the water  ( or mud) . A pleasant little 2 hour outing.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/29/13 Little River Trail

A beautiful day- around fifty, little wind and sun ( though it clouded up near the end of our hike). This time we started from the end at the water district office.

The first reservoir was still mostly frozen

Which did not seem to impede the water running over the spillway

The trail conditions varied - some sections were clear but other sections had patches of ice and even a fair amount of snow- all fairly easily worked around

The second reservoir also mostly still frozen

We walked to the point where the trail turns away from the river and heads toward the ball field and stopped for a snack before turning back. You can see why it's called 'Little River' It was very nice sitting in the sun by the river. In spite of the snow still around it felt like spring and that maybe there was going to be an end to winter. Water here for Kelley to get into.

Some peeling bark we spotted on the way back

Near the end of the hike Kelley found a melted section next to the bank and got in a dip before we headed home.

A very nice day. Kelley seemed to enjoy the trail and all the relatively new scents to explore. She was disappointed at times when she went in search of water and found only ice.  3  hours

Friday, March 29, 2013

3/28/13 Around Little Long Pond

Yesterday we had rain/drizzle all day and ended up just doing a short walk around town. This morning it's again gray but supposed to clear up. It's still difficult to anticipate trail conditions at any location so I printed up several maps and we headed for Acadia. On the way I opted for Little Long Pond which wasn't one of the original possibles. We started from the gate on Rte. 3 and walked over to the West Side Trail. Not a lot of snow but still patches of ice and lots of water. Kelley was excited to be out after yesterday laying around the house and did lots of exploring off the sides of the trail and running ahead of me. . Twice I had to stop her from rubbing herself in something- I know not what.

As I took this reflection picture

she took advantage of the water in her own way.

When we reached the Jordan Stream trail we decided to continue on it even though there was more snow along with  ice and quite a bit of water on the trail.

The trail closely follows the stream and is quite pretty

We ( I) had to do some bushwhacking around pools of water and there are a couple of small bridges Kelley won't cross. Usually she just goes into the water and around them. Today, because of the icy banks, that was made more difficult and I once had to help her out of the stream.

When we reached the Cobblestone Bridge  which crosses over the trail

we had an apple break and decided to take a different route. We followed the carriage roads ( patches of dirt and snow)  to the Asticou Trail which had , surprisingly,  more snow.

We followed that to it's end at Jordan Pond and then took carriage roads back down to our start. The skies never did clear but at least we did not get rain ( a little during the drive home) . Not a bad hike. Interesting that in 3 hours we did not meet a single person or dog. I don't think that has ever happened before at the pond.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

3/26/13 Goose Ridge

Another pretty day. Decided to check out Goose Ridge. We did not know snow conditions or parking situation- many of these trails do not have parking lots and you park on the side of the road. If there is a lot of snow that's not possible.

One side of the road was clear so parking was not a problem but no one had been on the trail so it was a bit of a slog. We hoped as we got up on the ridge there would be less snow and easier walking

 After about 25 minutes another hiker came in from a side trail ( probably from his house) and the walking was a bit easier. Up on the ridge was not much of an improvement.

The only place with sparse snow was the large field on the Spirited Horses Ranch.

After sharing an apple it was back into the woods and more unbroken snow.

We pressed on for awhile but Kelley seemed to be tiring - when I stopped to take a picture she lay down rather than explore- so we turned back the way we had come.

I'm ready for wildflowers and butterflies but we have a way to go for those and instead , these are some things we saw today.

A bit tiring but a beautiful day made up for the slogging. 2  1/2 hours

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

3/25/13 Kebo Brook Trail - A new One

Mix of sun and clouds but mild with little wind. Decided to explore a new trail we had noticed yesterday, just off the loop road. I could find no maps so we would play it be ear depending on trail conditions. We were familiar with the other trails in the area. I have added trail signs to help clarify.

The marker indicated that the trail passed the Cadillac N. Ridge and went on to the Gorge Path

Past the trail to Cadillac N. Ridge

 we continued on the Kebo Brook

and then found that the trail continued on past the Gorge to Great Meadow. We took the Gorge, planning on only the first part as it gets quite difficult for Kelley further down  ( very large  steep boulders) and the cut across the Hemlock.

 We then passed under the loop road bridge. A surprise as this is where the Gorge Path used to begin.

 We continued on to the intersection with the Hemlock- trail  use had been pretty good up to this point but became less so. The walking was still not difficult.

We were going to take the Hemlock across to the Stratheden  but Kebo Mtn. didn't look bad so we decided to go across it. There were some minor work arounds for Kelley but she handled them easily.

 Kebo is a low mountain with no summit views other than peeks through the trees.

Across the road on the north side of Kebo we found another  sign for  the new trail.

 We took the trail to the Stratheden , another easy trail.

and that to the Hemlock Rd. where we saw this deer

As soon as I took the picture it bolted and a larger deer followed. Kelley got very excited but came when I called her ( a sometimes thing) . We took the Jesup  back to the loop road and crossed it to the Great Meadow loop Trail. I thought it would connect with the Kebo Brook Trail and take us back but could not find the connection.

Kelley resting while I try to figure out our route.

 It must be further from the loop road so we just took the road back to the Stratheden and picked our  trail back up from there.

Another time we will continue on from here to the Great Meadow Loop and discover where they connect.

An interesting hike with pretty good trail conditions and weather- it did cloud up by the end. It was fun to explore a trail we had not been on before- I think we have done all the others in the park except the ladder trails ( which I had done before Kelley)   3 hours