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Friday, February 28, 2014

2/27/14 Snowmobile Trails

Cold ( -9.9 when we got up but I stalled 'till it was + 10 ) . Snowmobiles have been on the easement behind our house the last couple of nights so we decided to check it out. Very nice- firmly packed snow without ice made for easy walking. This 'trail' eventually connects with the actual snowmobile trail. A side trail that we had not taken this year for lack of traffic had also had a snowmobile on it so we took that. It's nice because it gets you into the woods.

The trail eventually takes a turn an goes to the old Bomarc missile site where we turned back and returned to the main trail. A bit further on was another side trail only used by a walker and we started down that one too.

We didn't get far as the other walker had soon given up and we were into deep untrod snow. We turned back too.

We continued on the main trail to Church rd. and turned back. We stayed with the main trail and took it across Broadway and over to Griffen Rd. This trail has been slightly rerouted and didn't go through some nice woods as it had in the past. We turned back again and found a way across Broadway and walked home through the neighborhood.

Turned out to be a pretty good hike as there was little wind so the cold was not bad. The only ice was some snow covered patches in the large field before Church Rd. All of the crust supported Kelley so she could explore a bit. 2  1/2 hours

Thursday, February 27, 2014

2/26/14 Little Long Pond

Odd weather day- lower 20's with a mix of sun, clouds, and light snow flurries but only a little wind. We had not been to the park for some time and did not know what trail conditions we would find. Decided on this hike because it offers several alternatives.

We parked in the parking lot- plowed- and walked down the Friends Path. It had not had a lot of use.

The pond

As walked across the large field near the start of the Westside Trail  Kelley spotted a man and his dog across the pond and got excited but wasn't about to get out on that ice.

This trail  hadn't had a lot of use and deep frozen footprints made it a bit rough. When we got to the Jordan Stream Trail those tracks stopped and we saw only occasional deer tracks. The walking wasn't bad as the crust below the surface snow mostly supported us and as the trail follows  the stream - easy to follow.

This bridge has never been a problem, but today she didn't like the ridges of snow left by the melting between the boards and found another way across.

More snow and ice in and along the stream

When we reached the bridge we decided to take the carriage road on the east side of the pond. It gets a fair amount of use and had a nice packed trail to walk

We met a woman and her two dogs but the pup was somewhat aggressive and Kelley wouldn't play with it. Soon  there were wide tracks made by some large machine which left a nice path down each side of the road. When we reached the end of the pond we took the carriage roads on the west side rather than return on the Friends Path. This section looked like it had been plowed.

 and then we came to the machine which had done the plowing and left  the tracks on the other side.

A very short distance from the parking lot is a stream still running. Kelley got in and I missed her laying down in the water but got her coming out.

Turned out to be a pretty nice hike- not the usual number of people and dogs, and I'm sure that disappointed Kelley, but she seemed to enjoy the hike anyway. 2  1/4 hours 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

2/25/14 Paul Bunyan Trails

Sunny- supposed to cloud up but  did not- cold ( 12 degrees) , with some wind that made it feel colder when we were in the open. We had never done the trail beyond Ohio St. so that was today's hike. We started from the end of Pushaw Rd. and had nicely packed snow and good walking. Once we crossed Ohio St. the trail became less interesting as it mostly followed the utility easement.

After Union St. it was a little better as the trail wound in and out of the woods. We followed the trail to the point where if followed the fence around the Air National Guard base ( we couldn't see anything beyond the fence) and turned back. Not an exciting hike, but the sun made it pleasant to be outside and it did not feel as cold as we feared. Kelley seemed happy with it even though we met no one.  2  1/4 hours 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2/24/14 Glenburn Trails

Today we were going to do another trail to the lake. We had done this in the past and anticipated no difficulties. Went by the trail intersection at Lancaster Brook Rd. but no one had parked a car off the road and I did not want to get stuck so we went on to the store on Hudson Rd. and started from there. The trail was nicely crusted and easy walking.

Awhile after we crossed Hudson Rd. we came to an area that was being logged. There were several trails/roads and a cleared area and it was difficult to tell which way our trail went ( there were trucks parked be saw no people) . We picked one in the woods but it came out on what looked more like a road ( it was wider) but then went back into the woods. We wandered around until we ended up in an area of houses and turned back. We eventually found an actual trail ( signs showing where the trail turned) and followed that even though it seemed to be taking us in the wrong direction. It was- when we came out on the original trail we were almost back to Hudson Rd. We just headed back.

When we got to the intersection  there was use along the rail bed but we decided to explore that another day.

A little frustrating but a pretty day and Kelley was happy to be out- she doesn't care if we're lost. The only other person we saw was on a snowmobile on a nearby trail.  2  1/4 hours 

Monday, February 24, 2014

2/23/14 Glenburn Trails

Gray day and not as warm as yesterday but still comfortable hiking. Nice firm base on the trail for easy walking and the crust off the trail was strong enough to support Kelley.

We are back here to try to find out the identity of old building in post of 2/20 -- original picture there. I had also posted the picture of the building on Facebook and there was some speculation as to what purpose it had served. There is a church across from where we parked and within sight of the building. I asked some people in the parking lot and they said it had been a school "a long time ago" . Here is the building with it's surroundings.

Kim and some others were curious about the buildings contents. Very disappointing.

Our other purpose for returning was to follow directions we had received from a man on our last hike here. We had ended up in a small development and he told us where we had gone wrong.

When we got to the top of this hill we continued straight and should have turned left-- the trail looked like it went both ways.

Instead of crossing that large field  again we took the left and went through woods,

crossed Pushaw Rd., and reached the lake. There were some ice fishermen  but fortunately far enough out  that Kelley did not run out there.

We backtracked to Pushaw Rd. and walked a short distance to the development we had been in last time and looked for a way over to Trail 6 which also went to the lake. We found a trail that took us to a road and then back on another trail to the place on Pushaw Rd. where our trail started. A short trail to another part of the lake we had not been to.

Back the way we had come but this time we took the trail across the large field and met our first person of the day - a skier.

View to the side going down the hill

And some weeds

A snowmobile passed us- the only one of the day, though we heard a few others in the distance. Near the end of the hike Kelley found a side trail she wanted to take.

This was a short trail to the present school and we returned to the main trail back.

Queen Anne's Lace

A pretty good hike. We had solved the mystery of the old building and found the trails we were looking for. The hiking had been quite comfortable and Kelley seemed happy with it too.  3  1/4 hours

Sunday, February 23, 2014

2/22/14 City Forest

Rained most of yesterday and warm and sunny today ( upper 30's) so trail conditions were iffy. Nearby City Forest seemed like a good place to try first.

 Main Road from the parking lot was icy

Once on West Trail  there was no ice but a somewhat soft surface and not as easy walking as it had been. We walked down to the beaver pond but there was  only a little water where the water overflowed the dam. At least Kelley got  her feet wet and a drink.

We checked out the rail bed but it had had less traffic and was not easy going. In spite of the ice  ( I had my grippers) we took Main Rd. and Loop Rd. to circle back to West Trail. Because of the beautiful day there were lots of people- skiers and walkers- and dogs and Kelley was happy to see them all. I think more people than I have ever seen here on one day.

Near the end we met Kelley's friend Cadie and they immediately started their exuberant play. I did not get a picture of the fast moving dogs but only this calmer moment.

and Cadie in the brush

It had been a nice hike with the sun , warmer temps, and friendly folks and dogs. 2  1/4 hours ( with a fair amount of chatting)

Friday, February 21, 2014

2/20/14 Glenburn Trails

A little more snow this morning. By the time I cleared the drive  it had warmed up ( 33 degrees), mostly sunny, and little wind. Forecast for tomorrow is snow, freezing rain , and sleet in the morning and then  rain in the afternoon. We decided we need to get in a good one today. We started, again , from the store on Hudson Rd. with the plan of taking the fork we did not take lat time. No one had been on the trail this morning but there wasn't enough new snow to make it difficult.

This old building is in a field near the start

When we started the trees were still pretty with fresh snow- it was melted by the time we returned.

The two men were still sawing timber just off the trail and Kelley had to greet them again. I got to ask questions and found out this was a long term project- near a year to saw the lumber and another year to season the lumber.

Things in the snow

After we crossed Pushaw Rd. there was an intersection with a sign ( the only one on the trails) -"Pushaw lake 1.6 miles"  and to the  left " Dead End" . We went to the lake

Sleds had been out on the ice but we stayed close to shore and then returned the way we had come.

When we were almost back we met a man and his two sons who were fixing a minor problem with one of their sleds. I was able to get some information from him about the trails- he lived in the neighborhood we had wandered around in and explained  how to access the trail we hadn't found last time.

A nice hike- no hat or gloves needed. Kelley seemed happy and enthusiastic and pretty much stayed on the trail. 3  1/4 hours

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/19/14 Neighborhood and Snowmobile Trail

We woke up to several inches of  fresh snow. Kelley was anxious to get out in it so we did an hour walk around the neighborhood. She was happy as there were lots of people to greet as they cleared their drives. Lots of snow around

When we got back home I cleared our drive and then decided it was too nice not to do, at least a short hike- upper 20's, hazy sun ( another snow forecast for later today) , no wind, and it was pretty. Drove to the end of Pushaw Rd. to check for snowmobile activity.

  Someone had been on the trail- probably just one sled but  there was the firm base below the new snow so not bad -- going off the trail you end up in almost knee deep snow. Kelley seemed excited about the powdery snow and did a lot of prancing through it. It had been a good idea to do this little hike and the trail was quite pretty with the fresh snow.

We walked to Griffen Rd. and then returned the way we had come. Almost back we were passed by two snowmobiles but saw no one else. 1  1/4 hours.

It's snowing now so tomorrow morning may be a repeat.