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Sunday, January 31, 2010

1/31/10 Pemetic Mountain

It's been very cold and windy the last few days so we have been doing several short walks a day around home. Today was supposed to be less windy so we went to Acadia. Brilliant sunshine but still cold- about 5 degrees when we started- and more wind than predicted. We parked at Jordan Pond and had to go by the open end of Jordan to get to the Pond Trail. It was so windy ( with deep drifted snow) I almost turned back but Kelley ( who seems to actually like the wind) was excited to be back in the park so we went on. Once we got into the woods and had some protection from the wind it was a beautiful day. The hike up the Southwest Trail of Pemetic is fairly arduous but someone had broken the trail so it was better than expected. There were a couple of spots Kelley didn't like and I had to let her find her own way around them. Once we passed the junction with the Pemetic Trail we were again exposed to the wind and though we made it to the summit we didn't tarry but shared an apple and headed back down. As the Pond Trail nears it's end it crosses the park loop road and we took that back to the parking area rather than face the wind at the end of the pond again. 2 3/4 hours

Pond Trail

Pemetic Southwest Trail

Junction Pemetic Southwest and Pemetic

Friday, January 29, 2010

1/28/10 Cedar Swamp Mountain

We started from the carriage road near the Brown Mountain entrance, planning to take the Sargent Mountain S. Ridge Trail to Cedar Swamp Mountain and return. Dense clouds at the start but we did get some sunny breaks before it completely clouded over again.The trail up Sargent (one of our favorites) was quite good as someone had gone through on snowshoes prior to the big rain and the snow was firm. Beautiful open views and the mountain to ourselves--very peaceful. Once we got to Cedar Swamp Mountain we decided to continue on to the Amphitheater Trail and take that down to the carriage road and return that way. We both prefer loops to out and back and If I stop on a trail and just turn around Kelley gives me a disappointed look or just sits down to indicate her displeasure. Amphitheater was another story--no one had preceded us and the snow was deeper and softer causing me to sink thigh deep in spots (luckily Kelley was able to stay on top of the snow for the most part). The trail drops quickly to Little Harbor Brook which it then follows quite closely. Following the trail without ending up in the water was a challenge and in places we descended on our butts. It was beautiful anyway. When we reached the carriage road we took that back to where we had parked. 3 hours

Sargent Mtn. S. Ridge Trail

Cedar Swamp Summit

Amphitheater Trail

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1/27/10 Ocean - Pond - Mountain

A beautiful day but we didn't know what to expect from the trails after all the rain so we decided to start from the end of Otter Cliffs Road which gave us several possible hikes. We started north on the Ocean Path and the Park Loop Road,alternating depending on amounts of ice on the trail.We then decided to try the Bowl Trail from it's start near Sand Beach. This was icy in spots but only required a little care to negotiate safely. Kelley was very happy as there was running water for her to drink and even a small open pool where she could lie down in the water.When we got to The Bowl we considered continuing on toward Champlain but that is a challenge for Kelley even in good weather so we turned back. Kelley continued to be quite excited, dashing about like a child not knowing what to do first ( she was off leash as there was no one about). When we got to the Gorham Mtn. Trail Kelley was anxious to give that a try ( she was 50 yards up the trail by the time I got to the junction) so we did. There were some stretches of fairly deep snow but the trail was not bad at all and we had lunch on the summit. I was a little concerned about the descent to the loop road ( in summer it's harder and steeper than the trail we had come up) but hadn't taken the southern aspect into account and it was actually the easier trail as much of the snow and ice had been melted. We took the park loop road back to where we had parked and met two guys with surfboards getting their equipment ready. Unbelievable! We found out where they were going into the water and could actually see them surfing but couldn't get a picture because of the trees. 3 1/2 hours

From The Ocean Path

Park Loop Road

The Bowl Trail

The Bowl

The Beehive From Gorham Mtn.

Kelley on Gorham- Looks like she needs sunglasses

Great Head from Gorham Mtn. Trail

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1/26/10 Around Town

Last night we got 1.7 inches of rain so the trails are a slushy mess. A friend suggested I take pictures of our downtown walk. A dreary day with light rain still falling so not very inspiring. A shot of main street as you head toward the center of town and a statue of Paul Bunyan. Many places claim to be the 'birthplace' (and have statues) of this fictional character but this statue at 31 ft. is purported to be the largest.

Monday, January 25, 2010

1/24/10 Close to Home

Another pretty day but feeling a little under the weather so we stayed close to home. Went north on the trail behind the house and then into the woods and curved over to the old Bomarc missile site. It was closed in the early 70's and now has a trucking company and some small businesses- there used to be a book store called "Silo 7". Odd to think of a missile site next door but, of course ,we weren't here then.We cut through the trailer park and back to the trail and home. 1 1/2 hours so Kelley looked a little disappointed and called me a wimp.

From the Old Days

A Modern Tower

Just Outside the Base

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/23/10 Parts of Champlain, Hemlock, and Jesup Trails

We started from Sieur de Monts and walked to the park loop road ,taking that to the N. Ridge Champlain Trail. No one had preceded us and the trail was difficult to follow as most blazes are on rocks which were covered with snow. In places we sank 3 feet into the snow and Kelley decided we should follow a lone deer track. That was better but tended to meander a bit. Still it was beautiful and only a little colder than yesterday. When we reached the junction with the East Face Trail ( now called the Orange and Black )our trail became steeper with large rocks to get over. We decided it was time to turn back. As we were going down we met a group on snowshoes.
They had been following our trail and thought the meanders funny. Because of their activity the rest of our descent was much easier. We stopped at the bottom to share an apple and then headed back down the loop road but instead of the turn for Sieur de Monts we went on to Hemlock and took that to Jesup and back to the start. I found that there is winter auto access to the Nature Center Parking lot which I had not known. Just under 3 hours.

View from Champlain Trail

Kelley Likes Apples

Friday, January 22, 2010

1/22/10 Last of Loop Road and Witch Hole Pond loop

A glorious day-brilliant sunshine,fresh snow, about 30, and no wind. Kelley was really happy to be back at Acadia. She does seem to prefer it to all the places we hike. We started at the visitor center (closed) to do the last section of park loop road we hadn't walked. Kelley alternated between the nicely packed snow from the snowmobiles and the loose powder beside the road- one happy dog. Once we reached the spot we had come to last week we returned to the visitor center and looked around for trails to the carriage roads in anticipation of a planned hike involving the Breakneck Rd. We found an access to the Witch Hole Pond Loop section of the carriage roads and decide to do that. What a beautiful hike and there were lots of skiers for Kelley to greet along the way-we have never met as many people on any previous hike. We finished the loop and returned to the parking lot. 3 1/2 hours

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/21/10 Finally Stopped Snowing

After three days of almost continuous snow the sun came out! I have little experience with snowshoes and am not a fan of them but decided today would be a good day to practice-the trail behind the house has not yet been packed down ( which was fine with Kelley) and we headed north. When we got to the actual snowmobile trail it had been groomed and the snowshoes were not needed but I kept them on to explore a couple of trails not used by the sleds. When in deep woods the snowshoes worked reasonably well but in open areas with deeper looser snow they were less efficient. After the second unused trail we turned back and stopped for a light lunch(an apple and some cheese) and I removed the snowshoes and carried them until we got back to the untraveled section. I am still not a fan of snow shoes- I've tried three types-and still don't understand people who choose snowshoeing as an activity. A little less than 3 hours

1/20/10 Still Snowing

Continuing snow but mild,little wind, and it's beautiful. South on the trail behind the house to a trail to the right into the woods. Sometime earlier a snowmobile had been a little way up it and then someone else had walked but we then came to deep fluffy snow and no apparent trail. We returned the way we had come - back home to do driveways again. But it's beautiful.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1/19/10 A Small Adventure

Snowing and 6-10 inches more predicted so we are still around home. Left the back yard and headed north to the snowmobile trail and then into the woods to explore a trail. We took this trail the other day and went right when it forked. Today we went left and soon found ourselves on unbroken trail and then we lost the trail. Kelley didn't seem to mind as there was lots of fluffy snow. We saw huge tracks of a bear and bear scat and lots of deer track as we bushwhacked through the woods. Also it was very pretty. Eventually we broke out into a huge field but not sure where we were. We started slogging through the deep snow ( very heavy going) looking for a snowmobile trail and firmer footing. Kelley kept giving me the "you don't know where you are do you?" look. I didn't. We were both getting tired when we found the snowmobile trail and easy walking back home. 2 hours

One More Weed Picture

And For John Who Says Kelley is Always Laying Down

Monday, January 18, 2010

1/18/10 Walks Around Home

Snowy today so stayed home to deal with driveways. We did a couple of walks between driveways, going both north this morning and this afternoon south to Prentiss Woods, a small park with some short trails in pretty woods. Kelley was happy and running because she really likes fresh fluffy snow and we met another dog in the park.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1/17/10 Tanglewood

Mostly cloudy, cold, but no wind. This is both a 4H camp and part of Camden Hills State Park. There are several miles of trails through woods, marsh, and along the Ducktrap River. Kelley liked it quite a bit as this was only our second time here and almost "new" for her. We planned to do the Forest Loop/River Trail with a detour up along the river towards the falls. When we were here in summer we did not find the falls and were told by someone local that they were more like "large rapids" and the river level mattered. This time we came to a small lightly frozen stream across the trail and decide not to chance it and turned back and completed the original loop as planned. 2 1/4 hours