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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

10/29/17 Perch Pond

Cloudy and upper 50's. Not a great day but storms predicted for next two days. Most of the leaves are gone.


and the flowers - so some lichen

We just did an hour hike to the pond and back and that seemed to be enough for Kelley - she did fine with that.

This what people refer to as stick season - after the flowers and fall colors and before the snow. 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

10/27/17 Mariaville Falls

Fifties but nice and sunny. We got about 4 inches of rain in last couple of days so thought there would be  a big difference in the stream since our last visit, and there was

This pleased Kelley

Leaves are pretty much gone from the trees

but some pretty ones on the ground

Approaching the falls, which are the step variety

I could not find a downstream vantage point

Where the river makes a big turn the water was calm

which Kelley prefers

Kelley did well but had trouble with one section that has become eroded and we avoided that section by our return route

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

10/24/17 Branch Lake

Several days of heavy rain forecast ( badly needed), and clouds this morning, so wanted to get in a good one while we could. Sun and clouds and sixties.

The leaves are mostly on the ground

Looking a bit wintry

Most of the shore is difficult for Kelley to get to but this was a good spot

Time for an apple break

More trail shots on the way back

Kelley did well but was obviously tired on the way back. This was my fault - a two hour hike was a bit much 

Friday, October 20, 2017

10/19/17 Hunters Brook

Mix of sun and clouds - about 60 degrees. We had not done this trail in  along time but it follows the stream so one Kelley liked.

Unfortunately the water was lower than I had ever seen it.

She was able to find some small pools

But the trail was also in poor shape, giving Kelley some problems, so we did a little over an hour and called it good.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

10/18/17 City Forest

Sunny and 60 degrees. We are dog sitting Cooper so we headed for an easy outing at the beaver pond.

Leaves are almost gone as we near stick season ( time between end of fall colors and snow)

First things first

Cooper got a drink but was not interested in getting in.

These ducks were not bothered by the dogs and kept on eating

They were both interested in the same smells

Attempted to hike further - Cooper was willing but Kelley didn't get far before sitting down and letting us know she didn't want to hike.

So back to the pond for one more dip before we head for the car.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

10/16/17 Caribou Bog

Chilly morning - 50 degrees, windy, and mostly cloudy.

A little color at the start of the trail

The first pond we come to

Reindeer Lichen

Leaf strewn trail

Another section of trail - I think the bike people build these bridges

Catching up

Yhis memorial is in a field all by itself.

Unknown weeds

Black Pond

  • Kelley did well today, though she slowed a little near the end. This was a little over an hour and that seems to be the right amount for her now.