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Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/30/11 Sears Island

Still icy around here so we thought Sears Island might be a good choice and the timing was right tide-wise . This time we followed the shore to the jetty and then took the road with a short walk to the Homestead Trail to take us back to the shore for lunch.

There was a fair amount of ice about, especially where small streams run out of the interior and into the ocean, but most was easily got around.

I had been asked about the rock formations that were the source of some past pictures and had promised him pictures. This is one of them. I wanted Kelly for scale but she is not cooperative about posing so I had to throw treats to get her into the picture.

And more rocks from different locations.

Waiting for me to change a lens.

This was the reflection we viewed while having our lunch.

A nice hike. Kelley likes the difference from the woods and does a lot of exploring. She is wary of ice and goes slowly like me and is startled when thin ice breaks under her step. 3 1/4 hours

Thursday, December 29, 2011

12/29/11 University Forest

Rained all day yesterday and then turned cold so there was lots of ice, making most of the trails we use dicey. The wind chill was 12 so we wanted to also be out of the wind and headed for the university in Orono. Kelley was happy to be out after spending most of the past two days inside and did not appear to mind the cold or wind. We walked the trails for an hour and a quarter and I only took one picture as I had my gloved hands in my pockets trying to keep my fingers from being numb. On a positive note we had bright sunshine.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12/26/11 Sheepscot Headwaters

Fresh snow so we headed for the trails near Montville. These are relatively flat with good footing and well marked. We started from the new parking lot on Halldale Road and first did the Northern Headwaters loop. Kelley was, of course, very excited about the fresh powdery snow and it was beautiful.

There are many of these old rock walls in the area

At this point the trail passed through one of the walls.

After that loop we took the Whitten Hill Trail down and did the Bog Brook Loop. We met several people , and one dog, which was interesting as we have seldom met people on these trails in the past. A nice 3 1/2 hour hike

Monday, December 26, 2011

12/25/11 Boyd Path , Triad, Hunters Brook

Cold and sunny but little wind. Kelley was excited by the snow and just being out in the woods. We started on the park service road from Rte. 3 . After the firing range the road ends and you have to look a bit to find the old trail which is on the far left of the small clearing hidden among the trees. Once you find it it is easy to follow.

When the Boyd reached the Pond tail we took that as it ran along side the carriage road and then across and began a gradual climb

To the trail leading to the Triad.

We then took the Hunters Brook trail down and again across the carriage road and down to the brook. The trail down to the carriage road had some very icy sections that we had to skirt around. Hunters Brook Trail crosses the stream several times and at one point the rocks used to cross were all covered in ice so instead of crossing we bushwhacked up to a ridge and walked along that for awhile and then back down to the trail that was now on our side of the stream.

An interesting hike. 3 hours

Sunday, December 25, 2011

12/24/11 Sklar Park

Cold- 12 degrees with a wind chill of 1 but mostly sunny. Wanted something somewhat sheltered so we went to Sklar Park which is primarily woods. The cold had saved the snow we got yesterday so it was still quite pretty. We parked at the Boy Scout office and walked the trail to Dirigo Pines. We then did some side trails but I can't say for sure which as the system is confusing to me. There are markers at some junctions but also trails not on the map ( some just lead to back yards) . After a bit we warmed up and spent a pleasant hour and a half.

I don't know the identity of these tiny plants.

I had ice in my beard too

Saturday, December 24, 2011

12/23/11 Back to Walden

Kelley loves the snow and yesterday we got a little. It was heavy wet snow and made the roads very slick so we stayed close to home. It continued to snow through the hike and it really was a 'winter wonderland' . Kelley got to pick the route so we wandered several trails, eventually winding up on the trail in City Forest where we met a dog Kelley has played with before and then some other friendly people. She always picks this trail because we usually meet people and dogs - we often meet no one on the Walden trails.

The City Forest Trail

A very pretty morning with moderate temperatures and no wind. 2 1/4 hours

Friday, December 23, 2011

12/22/11 Seawall to Wonderland

The strange weather continues. Wednesday we had freezing rain -tried to walk downtown but the walks were like a skating rink and we gave it up. Yesterday was sunny and 40 degrees and this morning it is snowing. Kelley will be happy with the snow but it will mean three driveways for me to do- one neighbor in hospital and one out of town.

Yesterday we started at the Seawall picnic area and walked the shore to Wonderland. This is a bit challenging as it is rocky along with slippery seaweed. Kelley had to find ways around a few times but did fine. Near the start we met two men who were checking surf conditions ( not much) brrr. When we got to the Wonderland area Kelley wanted to do some of the trails that lead inland and around the area so we wandered those a bit and met a nice woman and her English Setter pup and the dogs got to play while we chatted. They played very well together and she, like me, wished for more interaction with other dogs.

From Wonderland we returned to Seawall and since we had only hiked a little over 2 hours went across the road and walked part of the Hio Rd. that starts at the end of the campground. The campground is closed and empty of people. It was a little strange to have it all to ourselves- everything was very neat and ready for real winter. The Hio is an old road ( no longer open to traffic any time of year) that is an easy and pleasant walk in the woods.
A nice day 3 1/4 hours

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/20/11 Walden

An easy day. Cold and windy and I didn't feel like a long drive so we went to Walden and wandered around for an hour and a half. Kelley had been coming over to me at the computer ( which she rarely does) as if to say lets do something- anything. She was her usual happy self to just be out hiking- anywhere. This is the old rail bed and she is catching up after falling behind to do some exploring.

Ice kept her out of the pools along the way

Tomorrow the days start getting longer!