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So as not to repeat myself excessively, I am reducing the amount of description of trails that have already been posted. Please use the search function ( upper left) to find older posts which have more detailed trail descriptions and pictures. You can also use this to find specific hikes either by trail or mountain.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

11/29/09 Giant Slide Loop and Sgt. Mtn.

Cold but sunny. Since it had rained the last two days and we thought the trails would all be wet we decided to do a carriage road loop. This loop was 8.2 miles long and started at the Parkman Mtn. parking area. Kelley seemed like she wanted to get onto a trail so we decided to climb the Sargent Mountain N Ridge Trail which crosses the carriage road. This added 1.4 miles to the hike but more significantly was quite a challenge. There was a lot of ice on the trail making footing treacherous and I felt we did well to complete it without injury. Even Kelley was trying to avoid the ice. 4 hours.

Friday, November 27, 2009

11/26/09 Small part of the Appalachian Trail

A day with all kinds of weather conditions-dense fog, clouds, sun, and variations of them. The original plan was to hike a new mountain-Mosquito Mountain- and I thought I had found a shorter route to the trail head but after several miles of slip sliding on muddy logging roads we decided to leave that mountain for another day. We were near Monson, the start of the 'Hundred Mile Wilderness' on the Appalachian Trail, and decided we would hike a small section of that. We hiked to Leeman Brook and back. Some wet areas and a couple of slippery rocks areas (it had rained the night before) but the elevation changes were mostly gradual and it was a nice hike. Kelley was very happy as she really likes to do trails we haven't done before. 3 3/4 hours.

Pond Near Shirley, Maine

Shirley Pond

Appalachian Trail

Kelley in Another Pond

Fungus on the Trail

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

11/24/09 Sears Island/ Moose Point State Park

This time at low tide. We walked the road (closed) to the jetty and then took to the shore,going left which meant most of the island. Mostly easy walking except for some sections of larger rocks which require more attention. Kelley seemed to like it all but was disappointed that the gulls had beaten her to all the shellfish morsels. As this only took us 2 1/4 hours we decided to check out nearby Moose Point State Park. A very nice park with trails in pine forest and along the shore. The trails didn't appear to be long and it started to rain so we headed home.

A Sea Plant

Some Stones

The Shore

Another Island

11/23/09 Great Head and Gorham Mtn.

This was the first time we started the Great Head Trail from the beach (dogs aren't allowed on the beach during summer). The trail up from the beach is easy but we did encounter some other difficult spots for Kelley along the trail and she needed a boost once and an off leash work around. There were several people on the beach when we came back down and Kelley was glad to meet them. We then took the Shore Path to the Gorham Mtn. Trail and up the mountain and down the trail to the Bowl Trail and back to Sand Beach( no problems for Kelley). 3 hours

Beaver Pond

Sand Beach

Sand Beach from Great Head Trail

Great Head from Gorham Mtn. Trail

Gorham Mtn. Trail

Monday, November 23, 2009

11/22/09 Camden Hills State Park

We wanted to try a couple of trails we hadn't done before, in part looking for winter oportunities. We started at the main entrance and took the Multi-Use Trail which is essentially a dirt/gravel road but will be good for the winter. From that we took the Slope Trail up to Megunticook- a wooded summit without views. This was a fairly steep trail but with mostly good footing. We took the Ridge Trail to Ocean Lookout and then the Megunticook back to the start. No problems for Kelley on any of these trails. We met some nice people that Kelley was glad to know and then a 4 month old puppy which got her very excited. 2 1/2 hours

Slope Trail

Ocean Lookout

Sunday, November 22, 2009

11/21/09 Pemetic Mountain

A day that started out nice and sunny but then clouded up. We started from Jordan Pond parking,taking the Pond Trail to the S W Pemetic Trail ( I think all of the trails up Pemetic are challenging and this is the easiest). This trail has nice views and only one spot where Kelley needed off leash to find her own way. At the summit it was very windy and cold so after a couple of pictures we started down the North Ridge Trail. This was a more challenging, though pretty, trail for both of us and Kelley had to find alternatives several times. At Bubble Pond we took the carriage road a short distance to the Eagle Lake Trail ( Kelley loves this one) , which follows the shore, to the Pond Carry Trail ( pretty wet in spots but the end nearest Jordan has received better maintenance. We took this to the Jordan Pond Trail, had lunch, and followed the shore back to the parking area. 3 1/2 hours

Pemetic S W Trail

Views from Pemetic

Kelley Eagle Lake

The Bubbles from Jordan Pond

Marsh Jordan Pond

Friday, November 20, 2009

Acadia and Valley Peak

We started at the trail head on Route 102. This is a moderately difficult hike with the trail down from the summit toward Valley Peak being the more difficult part and requiring Kelley to find her way around several spots. Near the top we met two nice women and two dogs and enjoyed hiking ( me the conversation and Kelley just being with other dogs) down with them. At the bottom they turned off and we continued on to Valley Peak which is also challenging in spots but the peak offers great views. From there we turned back and took the Man of War fire road back to the Acadia Trail and then to the car. 3 1/2 hours.

Acadia Mountain Trail

Valley Peak Trail

Valley Peak

Kelley Valley Peak

11/18/09 Schoodic and Black Mountain

Another nippy start that turned into a beautiful day-about 50 and sunny. We started at the trail head at Schoodic Beach parking and climbed Schoodic- a nice varied hike with good footing and a few rocky spots near the top. There is a tower on top of the mountain but the top is clear and walking around it you have a 360 degree view. We hiked down the same trail but turned off at the jucntion to Schoodic Beach. This trail is a little steeper but not a problem for Kelley. From the beach we took the Black Mountain Trail which climbs steadily to a ridge, levels out somewhat and has some ledges offering views. We were going to loop back down to the parking area but it was such a nice day we continued on to the mountain for lunch and then backtracked to the trail which took us back down to the car. No problems for Kelley. 4 1/2 hours

Schoodic Mountain Trails

From Schoodic Mtn.
Schoodic Beach

Kelley in Donnell Pond

Black Mountain Trail

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

11/17/09 Round Top Mountain and Sanders Hill

A friend found this area ( The Kennebec Highlands) for us. Parts are under the stewardship of the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance and part is Maine Public Reserved Lands. We started at the trail head for Round Top Mountain on Watson Pond Road. The first part of the hike is a pleasant walk in woods and then gradually ascends the mountain to a junction. The left fork leads to an overlook ( we did not find a 360 degree view described by one writer but views through and over trees) and then we doubled back to the junction and down the mountain. The descent is steeper but has better views. All and all a nice hike. 2 hours 20 minutes.

Also on Watson Pond Road was the trail head for the Sanders Hill Loop so we decided to do that too. Another woodsy trail but it gets steeper and rockier as you near the top. The views are, again, mostly over trees but at some spots you can see the trees outlined on the ridge of the mountain opposite and there is a nice feeling of being "in the mountains". The trail drops quickly to an old road which is part of the Kennebec Highlands Trail and that is followed for awhile until you return to the woods and the trail back to the parking area. Another quite nice trail with no problems for Kelley. 1 3/4 hours.

Trail Round Top Mtn.

Lichen - Sanders Hill

Kelley After Lunch - Sanders Hill

Sanders Hill

Monday, November 16, 2009

11/16/09 - Sears Island

Previously we had circled the island on the shore. This time we decided to explore the interior. We started off on the paved road but then veered off on the tower road. We took that to the Homestead Trail which took us to the shore. We walked the shore for a bit but the tide was in and walking without wading was difficult. We bushwhacked back to the trail and the road and continued on to it's end at a tower. Backtracking again we took the Blue Trail back to the shore but the water was still high. Another bushwhack and we found the road again and walked back to where we started. A cool but sunny day the hike was more enjoyable than this sounds. 2 3/4 hours

An Inland Trail

Kelley Testing the Waters

View Of The Coast