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Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31/11 Goose Ridge Trail

Cold but sunny and we headed for the Sheepscot Headwaters area. We decide to do the Goose Ridge Trail and started from the trailhead on Freedom Pond Rd. We were surprised by the amount of snow ( this is 48 miles from home) - I though 7 or 8 inches but a deer hunter we later met on the trail said they had received 12 inches. Initially there were no human tracks, only deer, and parts of the trail were a bit of a slog - only for me as Kelley happily ran right through it.

After awhile we came upon boot tracks on the trail and were following them when I noticed a lack of blazes. We continued anyway and ended up in someones yard back on the road. We headed back the way we had come until we found the turn we had missed and resumed the trail

Most of the trail is fairly dense woods but near the Spirited Horse Ranch there is a large field and we stopped here to share an apple. We then explored a short trail on the ranch and headed back.

We had no further trouble staying on the trail but I discovered I had lost the lens hood - or left it home. This was a beautiful day to be in the woods and we enjoyed our hike 2 1/2 hours.

At home I did not find the lens hood so I think tomorrow we will do the trail from the other end back to where we had our apple today. That was where I changed lenses and am hoping to find the lens hood.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/30/11 Back to Walden

Forecast was for 8-12 inches of snow- we got about 3 inches. Kelley was very excited as she loves snow ( a form of water, right?) . After she went outside to do her business this morning and saw the snow she was beside herself and followed me around the house ( she never does that) - I think she was afraid I would get out in it without her. I had two driveways to clear but took her for a walk around the neighborhood first and it was a joy to watch her prancing through the snow like a child. After the drives were done we went over to Walden for an hour on the trails there--more fun!

I am trying out a feature on an older camera that lets me shoot in black and white. Snow is probably not the best place to start.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

10/29/11 Walden

Thought his would be a good day for an easy one so we wandered around Walden for a couple of hours. Kelley was showing no signs of discomfort and seemed excited to be in the woods. Cold but no wind today so actually pretty comfortable. Mostly we , again, tried to take trails we thought we hadn't been on but ended up on some that were familiar.

10/28/11 Parkman, Gilmore, and Sargent

Bright sunny day but cold ( around 40) and windy ( 30 mph). We started from Rte 3 and took the Parkman Mountain Trail instead of our usual route up the Bald Mtn. Trail. This is a harder trail but thought we would give it a try.

After a few bushwhacks and about 3 boosts we made it . Kelley did not seem deterred and continually ran ahead in her excitement to be on the trail ( yesterday we did only a short walk downtown).
We continued on the trail to the Gilmore Peak and though there are some steep sections Kelley managed them all ( and the rest of the hike) without assistance.

From the Gilmore we dropped down to the Grandgent to go up to Sargent and you can see a bit of the snow we encountered at elevation.

The wind and cold made for a short stay at the summit of Sargent

We took the Maple Spring down from the Sargent S. Ridge and found these nice lichen

The trail drops down to the stream ( a happy event for Kelley) and then follows it. It is a pretty trail but does not always have the best footing.

A nice hike that Kelley seemed to tolerate well and happily. 3 1/2 hours. She was a little gimpy when we got home ( me too) but is fine this morning.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

10/26 /11 Bernard Mountain

Cold and windy with sun and clouds- not bad in the woods but a bit chilly on the open ledges. We went up the West Ledge Trail which gives some nice views ( most of the Western Mountains are wooded rather than open). This is looking back down the trail as we were going up.

Kelley want's to know, where's the view? The summit offers none.

We continued down to Little Notch which has some steep rocky sections but Kelley managed them well.

We took the Sluiceway Trail down to Mill Field. Parts of this trail are in poor repair but parts are quite beautiful. You are descending in a large ravine and parts are quite lush. Kelley also finally found water she could get into on this trail.

When we got to Mill Field we took the Bernard South Face ( a steady climb back up the mountain) to the West Ledge and then down to our car. Kelley did well on a fairly strenuous hike . 3 hours

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

10/24/11 Tunk Mountain

Supposed to be partly sunny but we got mostly clouds with brief glimpes of sun. We took the left fork of the Tunk Mountain loop thinking it was an easier hike than the other. There is a new sign saying that trail is no longer maintained. There are tape blazes on the trees so still easy to follow. It does not get the use of the other trail.

The first part was quite wet but then the trail began to climb and we were above the marshy area.

This was a steeper trail than I remembered but we have always done it from the other direction , going down. Kelley was able to able to find ways around the hard parts for her.

From the ridge there are very nice views and we met a woman and her dog which pleased Kelley

The trail down toward Mud Pond is steep and there was one spot I had to help Kelley ( she hates that). They are also working on this section and it is closed Tue. - Thur according to a tape across the trail. We later met the crew in the parking lot and all of them gave Kelley some attention.

We stopped at Mud Pond for lunch and then completed the loop back to our car.

Kelley seemed to handle the trails pretty well and it turned out to be a good hike. 3 1/4 hours

Monday, October 24, 2011

10/23/11 Walden and City Forest

After two fairly strenuous hikes we thought to have an easy day and headed over to Walden. We started on the loop trail but decide to explore the unnamed side trails, and especially those we didn't think we had been on before ( there is a large network of those). Kelley got to pick some of the trails and we ended up doing several of those, sections of the loop trail, parts of the old rail bed, and part of the West Trail in City Forest. On the west we met several people with dogs and that made Kelley very happy. We have had a fair amount of rain lately so there was also lots of water for Kelley to get into. So this turned out to be an interesting and easy hike on a pretty day. 2 1/2 hours

Sunday, October 23, 2011

10/22/11 Caribou Mountain

This turned into a puzzling hike. We left the house with plans (and map) for Tunk Mountain. But on the way over I decided to do the Caribou Mountain Trail from the connector trail ( no map but we had done most of the Caribou from the Black Mountain area) .

This is Fox Pond which we pass just before the turnoff for the trail.

Forecast was for partly sunny but we got mostly clouds . We had recently done the connector trail in a search for a good lunch spot. It climbs steadily but the footing is good and its quite a pleasant trail

When we reached the Caribou Mtn. Trail we turned right ( west) thinking we would go as far as Black Mountain but not do the whole loop.

It was a very pleasant hike with only small elevation changes and a combination of fairly dense woods, small meadow like areas, and ledges. About when I thought we must be near Black Mountain we found ourselves returning to our starting point on this trail. Quite a surprise as I did not see any other trails intersecting ours. When we got home and I looked at the map I still couldn't figure out how we had done that.

Kelley doesn't understand it either

When we got back to the connector we continued on ( east) to see what was what that way. The trail dropped steadily and at times steeply and after a bit and thinking about having to climb back up we turned and returned to our starting place on the Caribou and had lunch and then back down the connector and the trail out. Even though puzzling a nice hike - 3 hours

Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/21/11 Cedar Swamp and Eliot Mountains

A beautiful day for hiking - sunny, breezy, and 50's . Started with an open ended plan and hiked longer than we usually do because it was such a fine day. We started from Rte, 3 , taking the Harbor Brook (where we saw these leaves)

to the Asticou and that to the Sargent Mt. South Ridge Trail

Which took us to Cedar Swamp Mt. and this view

We then turned and took the Sargent Mt. back to the Asticou - Kelley on the way back down

We took the Asticou Ridge Trail to Eliot Mt. and then the trail back down to Harbor Brook and back to the start. A very nice hike of 4 1/4 hours. The best part being that Kelley appears to have tolerated the length and the climb well and this morning was ready for the next hike.