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Friday, November 30, 2012

11/29/12 Kebo Mountain Area

Cold ( about 30) , sunny, but windy so it felt cooler. I checked the park website in the morning which said the loop road would close 12/1 but when we arrived we found it already closed. We drove to the end of Kebo St. and parked by the closed gate for that enrance and walked up the deserted road to the kebo trail head

The trail up Kebo is fairly steep and rocky but short and presented no problems for Kelley. The trail down the other side is a bit rougher and  Kelley had to do a couple of minor work arounds. We then took the Hemlock Trail over to the Hemlock Rd. and from there down to the Tarn.

For Grace who was concerned about Kelley and the cold. I did not manage to catch her laying in the water but she did so several times- here and at other spots.

The water was very clear- everything here is under water

Some color in an otherwise somewhat drab enviornment

From the Tran we went to the Jesup Path. This trail passes through a sometimes  very wet marshy area and until they recently built this boardwalk it was often under water

When we reached the intersection with the Hemlock Road we took that trail back to the loop rd. From this point it is no longer really a road but a narrow pretty trail.

The hike had taken less time than expected so we added the Great Meadow Loop . The trail mostly follows close by the roads but some were closed and there was little traffic on the others so it was a pleasnt walk. Near the end I saw a deer standing in the brush  not far from us. I got my camera out and took a picture and she reamined still but watching us. I moved a litle trying for a clearer shot and then a younger deer appeared. Up to this point kelley had not noticed them even though she was right next to me.  When she did notice them , she came to attention but did not move and the deer then bolted.

Even adding the last loop the hike only took two hours but it was pleasant and Kelley was excited to be on trails she had not been on in some timse

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/27/12 Dynamite Brook Road Area

Cold  ( 20's) with a mix of sun and clouds that turned into all clouds but no wind so pretty good hiking. Supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow so we wanted to get in a good one today. We had explored part the trails at the end of Dynamite Brook Rd. and decided to do some more exploring today. All of the paths on the map above are approximate as I could not find a map containing any of them. Most pictures from today not viewable because of mis-set camera.

We followed the trail  ( theses are mostly old woods roads) to the right first- we had taken it to a 't' last time. At the 't' we turned left and followed it to a fork. The right fork took us to Fox pond

We went back and took the left fork but that only took us to a gate at the road. Back to the 't' and continued on the right arm. That became an old road that was still getting some use but had an occasional view

We took that to a cleared area with a parked bulldozer where some kind of project was in progress ( but no one around) . We turned back and tried a couple more trails but they mostly just wandered through woods and fields and we returned to where we had parked

Then we headed down the trail on the left toward Redmans Beach on Donnell Pond to have our lunch.

 I thought Kelley would be happy about the pond but she only went in a short ways and did not swim.

 After lunch we returned to where we had parked. Not a bad outing as it was all easy for Kelley with no rocks to jump and only one blow down to skirt . 3  1/2 hours

Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/12 Marsh Island

The last couple of days have been cold  or rainy and I worry a bit about Kelley ( though she has done little coughing and seems fine) so we have just walked around the neighborhood or downtown. Today was cold and windy with a mix of sun and clouds but we needed to get in the woods so we went to Marsh Island for a 1- 3/4 hour walk. We started from Hillside Ave. and , for maybe the first time, followed the trail to the river without ending up going in circles or in someones backyard. Kelley was happy to be on trails and there was lots of sniffing to be done.  She was a little disappointed that the puddles and small pools were all ice covered and it wasn't until a good ways into the hike that she found a stream with running water.

When we reached the Penobscot we followed the river trail to the marshy area but there was no open water there either. She is generally wary of the big river but today wanted to go down to it. The water was high and  the current swift so she just went in at the edge and came back out.

We then returned the way we had come. Not a bad hike as we were mostly in the woods and out of the wind and comfortable and there was some sun.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

11/23/12 Around Beech Mountain

Thanks Christopher. He told us about the Canada Cliff Logging Road and we went to check it out. A mix of sun and clouds but temperatures around 50 - good hiking weather and Kelley has responded to the cough syrup very well  with coughs only when she gets excited- people or food.

We again started from the end of the Valley Trail at Long Pond. Contrary to it's name much of the trail is not at the bottom of the valley but runs along the side of the mountain and even takes you up to some ledges.

Kelley enjoying the view

 and what she was viewing

We followed the Valley Trail to the junction with the Canada Cliff Trail and easily found the abandoned logging road ( approximate route on above map) . It was a pleasant woods walk and as Chris had indicated easy for Kelley

We followed it to the Lurvey Spring Rd. and then looked for the "unofficial trail" to Smuggler's den. We found what might have been a trail but it led to a logged off area and then just seemed to peter out so we went back and took the Canada Cliff Trail. This was much more difficult for Kelley and she required some assistance but we met a group of people who gave her lots of attention which she loved.

Some views from The Canada Cliff trail

I didn't want to over-tax Kelley so we left the Beech Cliff loop for another day and headed down to the Valley Trail and back to Long Pond.

One more dip before she got in the car.

A nice 3 hour hike

Friday, November 23, 2012

11/22/12 Bangor

We started with a gray foggy morning and just did a short walk around the neighborhood. Kelley has developed a cough ( Kennel Cough?) but it does not seem to effect her desire to walk - or her appetite. Some cough syrup has greatly reduced her symptoms. In the afternoon it got sunny so we went downtown for an hour's walk about the town- Kelley's route.

Some of what we saw.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

11/20/12 Beech Mountain

Sunny with temperatures in the 30's when we started but got into the 40's- perfect hiking day. We parked near the pumping station and started up the Valley Trail. This is a pretty and interesting trail and easy for Kelley.

When we reached the parking lot we crossed over to take the Beech Mtn. Trail to the summit. This trail has some really nice views of Long Pond

A view from the summit , looking toward the ocean

We met a couple with their small dog and Kelley got to socialize. Treats were given and I think she is making sure everything was eaten.

For the trip down we took the South Ridge Trail. This one had two places where Kelley needed a hand but overall was not too bad.

This is a view from that trail

Back at Long Pond Kelley is looking for the right spot to enter

We decided to walk the Long Pond Trail

to a spot that Kelley likes for lunch (about 1/2 hour) - it's just off the trail but she always heads for it if we are near it

After lunch we  returned to the car. A very nice hike 3  1/2 hours

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

11/19/12 Walden

Cold but sunny. Still below freezing at 10:00 when we went to Walden. Kelley was a little disappointed that most of the water had a thin covering of ice. She does not like ice that breaks beneath her feet. Just before we ended our walk she found some open water to get into. We met no other people or dogs so had a very quiet hour and a half.