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Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/31/13 Dorr Mountain

A beautiful sunny day. We wanted to get in a good hike today because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Trail conditions are still uncertain so we picked the Canon Brook area with it's several possibilities. We started from Rte. 3 at the Ladder Trail Head but quickly turned onto what is now called the Kane Path  ( many trail names differ from those on maps as they return trials to their historic names) .

Kelley quickly found water

You can see beaver work behind her and they have been very busy

The Kane Path becomes the Canon Brook Trail and we were pleased to find it clear.

I thought if the Dorr S. Ridge Trail looked OK we would see how far up it we could get and failing that do the Dorr Extension ( not on the map) and part of  A. Murray Young. I knew the Canon Brook would be OK to there.

The first part of the Dorr was clear

looking back down the trail

We continued to climb and Kelley seemed to be having more difficulty than usual-  more trouble finding work arounds and needing a boost a couple of times. I decided to turn back as we still had a good ways to the summit but Kelley wanted to go on so we continued. As we got higher we hit patches of snow but only one small piece of ice so the trail conditions were good. Kelley seemed to no longer be having difficulty.

Kelley really likes views and will turn off the trail to ledges with views and as we near a summit will almost always race ahead of me to be there first.

Here is where she is looking.

The foremost island is Bar Island and part of the park. At low tide you can walk a gravel bar out to it and walk it's trails.

Another view from the summit

Kelley found a cool spot to rest while I took pictures

After sharing an apple we headed back down. Kelley managed all of it with no help from me and seemed her usual happy self.. On the hike we met several nice people and two dogs which also  made Kelley happy. I hiked most of it in shirt sleeves and saw a butterfly- couldn't get close enough to photograph or identify. A very nice hike  3  1/4 hours

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