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Saturday, October 4, 2014

10/3/14 Moose Ponds

Sunny and cool- 50's to about 60- this is a bit north of most of our hikes. Again the ponds were a big factor in choosing this hike. We started from the trailhead on one of the old logging roads- it no longer has a sign naming it but we have hiked it several times in the past.

Starts out down some slate steps and through pretty woods.

Kelley soon found a small stream

Lots of leaves

We followed the route indicated on the map which brought us first to Big Moose Pond

and then around the pond

 and up the side of Little Moose Mt. - a fairly steep climb with a few places Kelley had to find work arounds- but along the ridge is an overlook and a couple of ledges with nice views

Looking east from the same spot- a pano- please click for large version

Loop Trail Overlook View pano b 10-3-14

Self Portrait

From another ledge- please click for large version

Loop Trail View pano c 10-3-14

Then it was down the mountain and over to Little Moose Pond

A little lunch and back the way we came. Near the end are the slate steps I mentioned earlier

A very nice hike- the temperatures were very comfortable and the woods were beautiful. We met no one until we got to the parking lot and met two nice women getting ready to backpack in and spend the night at one of the campsites.  3 hours 


  1. Oh John, those colors are stunning - ours aren't quite there yet.

    I've love to walk up and down those steps.

    1. Thanks Kim- the colors here still vary quite a bit from area to area. The steps are very nice and there is nothing like them around - I don't know how they came to be built.

  2. Oh I love all the fall colors! Nice shot of Kelley in the leaves too.

    When I hiked the Obsidian Trail, I only saw four other groups, but it was on a Friday in September. I'm sure summer weekends get busy. I don't know if there is always a restriction on number of hikers here - but the road to McKenzie Pass is closed over the winter, so no visitors then anyway.

    1. Thanks for your comment Linda and for answering my question from your blog


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